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Historical context
Sexuality has been, for centuries, one of the greatest taboos of western culture. Undermined by the official Christian conception which regarded the body in general and sexuality in particular as the gate through which sin came into the world, it was veiled over. But, whereas in the west the prevailing yet disputable morals had perfected and exquisitely refined apparatus of mortifying of the body and of persecuting the senses, sexuality was, in the east, acknowledged as a platform, a resource of liberation and achieving enlightenment, in particular under the influence of tantric traditions.

Gradually overcome, this highly differentiated historical context makes room to new views which rehabilitate sexuality as driving force of psychic events, behavior, and of life itself. Orthodox psychoanalysis, for that matter, exaggerates the role of sexuality, assigning libido a much greater significance than it actually had (it could be construed the Freudian reductionism occurs as a reparatory measure brought by the historical dialectics in order to counterbalance the power of complete denial of Christian morals).

Centuries after such transformations which exaggerate for the better or for the worst, the attitude and approaches relax significantly. Neither denied nor hyperbolized, sexuality is rendered as any given function. Obviously, despite the fact these approaches make up in reasonability, they play down sexuality, subliminally promoting the idea all that which we can enjoy as benefit from sexuality happens with the same ease breathing, digestion or other processes happen.

Intimate gymnastics
Sundry forms of therapies are conceived, bringing sexuality back to the attention. These therapies feature a strong educational coordinate, their purpose being the familiarization of the person with a fundamental side of their body, psyche, identity and existence. And, of course, to optimize all aspects pertaining to sexuality, increasing the chances of a person to genuinely enjoy the benefits they should naturally enjoy through sexuality.

Intimate gymnastics, a program patented in 2003 (in Russia) by Tatyana Kozhevnikova, aims at increasing sensuality by invigorating the muscles which control the intimate area. It is intended for women and men alike, and it can be used both as a recovery treatment and prophylactically. The idea behind this program is that by ameliorating the delicate infrastructure of intimate muscles (and of adjoining muscles) sexual performance is in itself enhanced. Hence, greater satisfaction and, implicitly, benefits of psychic and practical nature: ability to found satisfactory relations for partners, social recognition, increase in self-esteem, and the inherent increased chances of self-realization.

The benefits of intimate gymnastics do not confine to sexuality. Patients who practice the program patented by Tatyana Kozhevnikova can alleviate enuresis-related issues, problems concerning digestion, they can improve their metabolism and, implicitly, they can achieve an overall fitness which induces general welfare at psychic level. The efficiency of intimate gymnastics and the ability of the program to optimize all aspects of life (physical, psychic, social) are proven, first of all, by the transformations the author herself has undergone during the development, improvement and application of this method. Spectacular transformation anyone can operate by following the well-defined programs of Tatyana Kozhevnikova.