Principles, general notions

The Bach Floral Remedies – principles, general notions

The basic concept of the method refers to the fact all pathologies are the result of an “inner” conflict between the natural free manifestation of the soul and personality as a result of the genetic infrastructure on which social customs, religious and cultural believes, etc. were grafted. This conflict generates disharmony in the vibrational-energetic structure of a person, which eventually leads to a bodily translation manifested as illness.

In view of preparing his remedies, doctor Bach turned to method little or not at all related to the rigorous scientific researches. He related, in return, to the special, intuitive connection he had to the vegetal kingdom in general and to flowers in particular. Experiencing sundry negative states, doctor Bach would place his palm on various flowers and, the moment he would perceive an alleviation or a complete removal of the negative emotion, he believed the flower he touched has the healing role. In order to benefit from the therapeutic effect and to effectively transfer it in a remedy, doctor Bach collected the dew on the flower, considering it was charged with the curative potential of the respective flowers following the effect of the morning sunrays. Later on, seeing the dew collection method is not efficient for producing floral remedies, he decided to collect flowers from their natural environment and display them in water bawls directly exposed to sunrays. The resulted water, combined with alcohol, was called by Bach the “mother tincture” (concentrated potion) to be diluted before use. Based on this principle, doctor Bach created his floral remedies deemed, in the medical world, placebo-like remedies, a conclusion drawn following several clinical tests.

The most known remedy is the “Rescue Remedy”, which represents a combination of equal amounts of the following loral remedies: Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum. The “Rescue Remedy” was conceived to treat tress, anxiety and panic attacks in particular in emergency situations. There is also the cream variety which contains the same ingredients, being used for skin-related problems (itches, pimples, acne, psoriasis, etc.) associated to certain emotional imbalances such as lack of self-esteem, personality complexes, etc.

The Bach floral remedies are not prepared according to the principles and techniques of successive dilution used in homeopathy, and are not bases on other mechanisms specific to it. At the same time, the Bach floral remedies, unlike other homeopathic examples, are obtained from nontoxic elements, based on the principle positive vibrations (energies) can alchemize or neutralize negative energetic manifestations.