Principles, general notions

Principles, general notions

Gimnastica IntimaThe concept which animates the intimate gymnastics program set up by Tatyana Kozhevnikova is the feminine charm. The basic idea is, in order to make the best of one’s existence and a female (and, as we’ll see, as a man), one needs to become aware of the importance of the intimate area. Worked out, invigorated and restored to its health, the intimate area beings back harmony, flexibility, tonus and the general welfare of the entire body.

Intimate gymnastics is a fairly complex program, combining in a balanced manner elements borrowed from sundry oriental traditions (from yoga, hatha-yoga, tai-chi, and martial arts even to chi-kung, oriental dance schools and tantric techniques) and occidental practices (modern dance, step fitness, aerobic dance, weight lifting, Kegel exercises, fitness elements, intimate fitness and body building).

Far from representing a disorganized accumulation of influences, intima gymnastics results in several efficient practical programs anyone can follow, which have a beneficial impact on muscles at vaginal and pelvic level, abdominal and buttocks level, as well as on the digestive system.

As the borrowed elements let us see, unlike the mainstream programs of invigoration, the intimate gymnastics suggested by Tatyana Kozhevnikova implies a strong meditation-visualization-relaxation coordinate. This coordinate strengthens the physical exercise proper, offering a stable frame which sustains not only the integration of the local tonus in a general somatic wellness, but also the integration of sexuality in one’s personal identity (as affective, moral, volitional agent, exhibiting the desire of belonging and of self-realization, acting amongst other agents of the same nature).

Until now, Tatyana Kozhevnikova has developed three programs intended for women, one for men, one for men and women in couples, and a general program useful for adolescents too.

Programs for women:
Intimate gymnastics. Feminine charm
The exercises are carried out with and without vaginal implants, and they imply: assuming the preparatory position and a series of contraction and relaxation movements. Synchronization with the rhythm of breathing is also important. A final special version of this program is the physical exercise accompanied by meditation.

Yoga training. Shine of womanliness
This is the preparatory program for the main course, i.e., the Feminine Charm. It comprises elements of physical exercise and yoga, and it can be made without the trainer’s assistance.

Perfect buttocks in 5 days
This program focuses on the tightening of the buttocks. Being deemed a key element of the feminine intimate area, the buttocks need the same treatment and fitness. The preparatory position and the execution of contractions and relaxations structure the exercise.

Program for men:
Intimate gymnastics. Male charm
This is a program with three sets of exercises meant to increase the male sexual performance. The exercises can be carried out with or without the assistance of a trainer, in virtually all environments: at work, at the gym, or, eventually, in the same “team” with the partners. A special part of the program is participants can learn from the “secrets” of female sexuality.

Program for couples:
Yin Yang
Yin Yang is a program conceived in order to educate partners in the spirit of a complete union with begins with the somatic level and naturally continues with the emotional one.

General program
Perfect abs
This is a complex program which indirectly relates to the intimate area, but which, undoubtedly, greatly influences it. The immediate benefits result in the restoration or the maintenance of health on several abdominal segments, with all its implications: tightening of skeletal muscles, optimization of digestion, regulation of metabolism.
The program can be perfectly integrated in the education received by children and adolescents in order to maintain a healthy, harmonious physique.

Further programs
Secrets of a beautiful female breast
The concept of female charm cannot be confined to the intimate area delineated by the tightening of the lower anatomic elements (vagina, abdomen, buttocks, thighs). Consequently, the concept is extended to wholesomely incorporate the breast, a perennial symbol of feminine sensuality and motherhood.

Intimate dance. The new trend in fitness
Once rehabilitated, the sensual somatic infrastructure can be used to the utmost effect. Intimate dance is an additional program conceived in order to make the best of the knowledge acquired in the previous programs, helping women to obtain the true level of mastery in the art of sensuality.