Intimate gymnastics – short history

Intimate gymnastics is a program developed by Tatyana Kozhevnikova, former Russian skater with a brilliant career in fitness aerobic and recovery gymnastics trainer. While the program is patented in Russia no sooner than 2003, Tatyana Kozhevnikova’s interest in this concept dates back to the beginning of the 1990s.

Before conquering the market with this new program, Tatyana Kozhevnikova was known as a trainer of fitness aerobic and recovery gymnastics organized on individual programs, as well as on group programs. The most famous programs of those days were Beautiful body building and Power step-fitness-aerobic.

Following the events which have marked her personal life (she leaves the professional sports arena at age 18, she has a child, and she is diagnosed with sarcoidosis), Tatyana becomes aware of the wear underwent by her body. In order to redress the contour she has always dreamt of, she decides to help herself, testing on her own body the innovative programs of bodybuilding and tonus maintenance, due to the fact the already available methods on the market do not succeed in restoring the ideal shape of her body.

Her year-long searches result in the launch, in 2002, of a video course entitled Intimate gymnastics (the program is patented one year later). The program gains popularity through the book Intimate gymnastics. Health program, published in 2006. Tatyana deepens and diversifies her preoccupation launching, in 2008, the book Ideal buttocks in 5 days which promotes a method of strengthening and the buttocks, patented, in the same year, in Russia.

A new video, called Intimate gymnastics is launched in 2009, bringing together all the previously discovered and tested elements. It is a program dedicated to all women of all ages, conceived in order to optimize the female existence on all levels, starting from the physical-sensual one to the psychic-relational level. For the ladies, Tatyana also conceives programs like Secrets of beautiful female breast and Intimate dance. The new trend in fitness.

Despite the fact Tatyana’s programs are primordially focused on enhancing the female tonus, the trainer also conceives a special programs for men, as well as for adolescents of all ages, being pushed by the same motivation which had led to the concretization of the concept of female charm: somatic invigoration in the intimate area results in tremendous benefits of psycho-mental nature.