TopazColors: colorless, white, grey, bluish, greenish, yellowish, pink, brownish-yellowish, most frequently sky blue.
Varieties: blue, green, rainbow, silver, sky blue.
Name: comes from the Sanskrit “tapas”, which means “fire” (another translation of the term “tapas” being “austerity”) and from the name of the island Topazos in the Red Sea.
Chemical composition: Al2[F2(SiO4)]
Note: yellow topaz can be mistaken for citrine.
Chakras: Manipura

Metaphysical features:
• Offers energy and physical strength, creativity
• Enables communication with the spiritual guide
• Attracts love, success, the joy of living, abundance, peace, quiet
• Changes overall mood
• Recommendable to those who lack the will and courage to make decisions

Effects on health:
• Stimulates the liver, spleen, digestive system, nervous system, helps at eliminating toxins
• Blue topaz has effects on tissue regeneration, fortifies thyroid, balances the astral (emotional) body, beneficial effects on metabolism
• Eliminates rheumatism-related pains
• Regulates the digestive system

Astrological correspondences:
• Scorpio, Sagittarius
• Yellow topaz is the stone assigned to the month of November
• Blue topaz is the stone assigned to the month of December
• Sagittarius’s luck talisman
• Governing planets: Mercury, Uranus