Moon Stone

Moon StoneAppearance: Irregular shape, white greenish with slight white stripes, pearly, opaque, smooth, sleek, gradient
Zone: India
Description: translucent stone, with rainbow effects or plays of light, with white or blue glitters.
Colors: colorless, white, grey, orange, greenish, yellowish, reddish, milky transparent with rainbow hues. Colors fade when exposed to direct sunlight.
Attention: it scratches easily.
Note: Deemed sacred stone in India, brings luck.
Chakras: Swadhistana, Manipura

Metaphysical features:
• Luck stone
• Brings luck, love, hope, protection, prophetical dreams, quiet, rest, harmony, tenderness, happiness, compassion, peacefulness
• Amplifies altruism and intuition (typically feminine)
• Helps at settling disputes
• Eliminates anxiety and stress
• Eliminates egotist states
• Mediating role in personal disputes
• Balances the tendency to exaggerate
• Strong protective role, especially outside home
• Offers protection during travels
• Protects the marriage, children, women, destiny, growth
• Eliminates frustrations and inhibitions
• Helpful to meditation and prayer, increases individual spirituality
• Protects new beginnings and changes in life
• Recommendable to those who tend to spend too much
• Recommendable to those who feel threatened by the environment

Effects on health:
• Helps the stomach, spleen, pancreas, digestive system, heart, lungs, intestines, skin, eyes, internal organs
• Helps women at birth
• Helpful in cases of ulcer, leucorrhea, bleeds, dry cough, burning sensations, stress, arterial tension, fever, insomnia, agitation, insect bites, thirst, headaches, cancer, menopause, menstrual cramps, nausea, sclerosis
• Stimulates the eliminates of toxins, assimilation of nutritional elements, digestion, fertility, tissue regeneration
• Helps in cases of typically feminine diseases, balances menstruation, protects women’s health
• Helpful during diets, in cases of changes of alimentary habits

Astrological correspondences:
• Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces
• Stone assigned to the months of February, August, September, June
• Governing planets: the Moon, Saturn
• Element: water
• Corresponds to number 4 (people born of the 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st of the month)