MalachiteAppearance: Irregular oblong shape (drop), dark green with slight greenish inserts, opaque, smooth, sleek
Colors: dark green hues
Chemical composition: CuCO3 , Cu (OH)2
Sleekness: glassy, silky, sometimes pearly or adamantine
Chakras: Manipura

Metaphysical features:
• Talisman for children, protects the psyche, induces the state of deep sleep, energizer
• Absorbs most easily surrounding negativity
• Increases fidelity, loyalty, focus, intuition, practice sense, responsibility
• Brings balance, good humor, success in businesses, harmony in life
• Helps at finding answers and the way to reaching goals and recognition and purification of past negative past experiences
• Beneficial influence on the relationships
• Induces progress and favorable changes
• Protects against dangers, against falls, against black magic
• Keeps spirit and physical appearance young
• Protects commercial activities and businesses
• Helps at giving up undesired habits
• Recommendable to those who work in environments with radiations and toxins (computer, TV, X rays)

Effects on health:
• Helps the stomach, pancreas, liver, heart, immunity system, circulatory system, respiratory system, glands, eyes, kidneys, spleen
• Diminishes pains, inflammations, depression, fury, bleeds to elimination
• Helpful in cases of bone fractures, epilepsy, autism, ulcer, leukemia, infections, gripe, heart aches, cramps, herniation, intoxication, kidney stones, irradiation, asthma, arthritis, tumors, anorexia, bacterial infections, nausea, traumas, teeth pains
• Helps tissue regeneration
• Vitalizes the organism
• Relaxes muscles and induces relaxing regenerating deep sleep
• Protects against radiations
• Enables birth, helps in cases of infertility, increases lactation

Astrological correspondences:
• Taurus (May), Gemini (May), Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn
• Stone assigned to the month of May
• Governing planet: Venus, Neptune, Saturn
• Corresponds to number 9 (people born on the 9th, 18th, 27th of the month)
• Elements: earth, fire