HowliteAppearance: Irregular shape, smooth, pure intense sky blue (similar to turquoise), with no inserts or hues, opaque
Colors: white with black or green glitters, or sky-blue
Note: replaces turquoise

Metaphysical features:
• Stimulates emotional and artistic expression, reason, observation, discernment, patience, diplomacy, memory, communication
• Eliminates pain, stress and fury
• Diminishes criticism, egoism, stubbornness, impoliteness, hesitation
• Brings progress, beauty, creativity, inspiration, procreation, energy, satisfaction, tolerance
• Helps at contacting spiritual guides
• Helps at organizing personal priorities and reaching goals
• Recommended to people who only see in black and white or who take everything too seriously

Effects on health:
• Balances the calcium level in the organism
• Protects teeth, bones, delicate tissues
• Offers energy and vitality
• Eliminates stress and pain
• Purifies the blood

Astrological correspondences:
• Gemini, Taurus, Sagittarius (December), Capricorn (December)
• Stone assigned to the month of December
• Corresponds to number 2 (people born on the 2nd, 11th, 2th of the month)