HematiteAppearance: Irregular shape, metallized gri-blue (like steel), opaque, smooth, sleek, metallic
Colors: metalized black or ash, like steel
Chemical composition: iron oxide (Fe2O3)
Chakras: Manipura

Metaphysical features:
• Increases psychic abilities, courage, strength
• Brings victory in lawsuits, success in businesses
• Sustains focus and emotional balance
• Opens the access of individual consciousness to understanding aspects related to divine consciousness
• Resonance with the energy of financial prosperity
• Eliminates fury and jealousy
• Helps at realizing beneficial aspirations
• Recommended for meditation
• Calming effects in periods of painful losses
• Helps the individual integrate in the physical plan of manifestation
• Recommendable to the muddleheaded, the forgetful, the disorganized
• Dissipates negative energies
• Strong protective role
• Increases will, courage, resistance, firmness, the feeling of invincibility, the will of freedom, self-respect, trust, intuition
• Induces a feeling of detachment in moments of great emotional distress
• Offers good visual (photographic) memory, the ability to memorize data and manual dexterity
• Offers peacefulness, optimism, inner happiness, satisfaction
• Increases intellectual abilities in exact sciences: mathematics, logic, computer science
• Recommended for divination
• Brings success in judicial matters
• Increases masculine energy
• Beneficial at relational plan
• Recommendable to the fable, the shy, to people lacking courage, but not recommended to aggressive people

Effects on health:    
• Drives away illnesses from the body, strong healing role
• Beneficial effects on the spleen, bile, kidneys, blood, bone marrow, hearts, bones, lungs
• Energizes and vitalizes the organism
• Helps at eliminating toxins from the body
• Beneficial in cases of fractures, insomnia, hysteria, headaches, fever, muscular cramps, anemia, injuries, burns, inflammations, bleeds
• Helps tissue regeneration

Astrological correspondences:
• Aries, Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces
• Stone assigned to the month of March
• Governing planet: Saturn
• Corresponds to number 9 (people born on the 19th, 18th, 27th of the month)
• Element: earth