AquamarineAppearance: Irregular shape, green-blue, semi-opaque, smooth
Classification: Variety of beryl (of the same class as emerald)
Toughness: 7.5-8 (of 10)
Name: From the Latin aqua marin – sea water
Colors: Colorless, white, greenish, green, yellow, pink, pink-yellowish. The transparent ones are of high quality. Some aquamarine stones are thermally treated in view of removing the yellow color.
Note: It can be mistaken for topaz, tourmaline, glass and blue zirconium. Its color fades when placed against direct sunlight.
Recommendations: To be offered at the 16th and at the 19th year anniversary of marriage.
Zones: Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Madagascar, California, Colorado, Idaho, Namibia, Ukraine, Russia, China, Czech Republic, North Ireland
Chakras: Anahata, Vishuddha

Metaphysical features:
• Strong protective role
• Leads to spiritual awakening, opens even more the access to divinity and God
• Calms, relaxes, energizes
• Offers flexibility, beauty, peace
• Brings joy, creativity, self-knowledge, trust
• Decreases anxiety, depression, fear and agitation, stabilizes the astral (emotional) body
• Helps at understanding complicated situations and at recognizing truth
• Awakens courage
• Enhances psychic qualities
• Eliminates fear and phobias, alleviates nightmares
• Offers protection during trips by sea
• Keeps the spirit young
• Excellent relational binder
• Opens the humane side (in order to come to the help of those in need of support)
• Increased communicativeness and it enables the communicational flow (easy conversations, the nonverbal ones included, even the subtle, telepathic ones)
• To be worn in times of great sufferance
• Said to bring together separated couples and that it enables socialization
• Decreases stage fright, to full removal (recommended to actors, public speakers, etc.)

Effects on health:
• Reduces pain
• Reduces retention of liquids
• Activates thymus
• Balances the activity of liver, stomach, immunity system, kidneys, thyroid, spleen, hearts, thymus
• Beneficial to eyes, teeth, ears
• Useful in cases of respiratory allergies, bronchitis, cough, dental pain, acne, allergies, migraine, hypothyroidism, mumps, inflammations
• Prevents pregnancy loss

Astrological correspondences:
• Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer
• Stone assigned to the months of March and October
• Scorpio’s lucky talisman
• Governing planets: Neptune, Moon
• Corresponds to number 1 (people born on the 1st, 19th, 10th and 28th of the month)
• Specific element: water