Short history

Crystals and precious stones

Superstitions, mythology and literature have always related to the presence of crystals even from time immemorial. As most stories and legends go, rings with mysterious precious stones had magic powers. Even the magical crystal globe of fortune tellers is yet another hypostatization of the limitless powers of crystals.

Ancient historiographical sources refer, first of all, to the continent called Atlantis, where as it seems, the use of crystal energy was imported from the wise of the Mu civilization. Initially, the inhabitants of Atlantis used the energy of quartz stones and of other precious stones in order to channel and use cosmic forces in view of developing certain activities and attaining daily purposes (transport, communication – trans-temporal communication included – lighting, heating, weather control, etc.).

From the Atlanteans we have inherited sundry instruments which use crystal energy (wands, tiaras, sidereal pendulums, special amplifying devices for subtle energies, etc.). Before the destruction of Atlantis, initiates with uncorrupted moral integrity wanted to keep and preserve the knowledge gathered by their civilization for the sake of posterity. In order to prevent the destruction and loss of information, they left writing out and chose to implement the information in distinctive crystals they then rematerialized in sundry specially selected locations on Earth. According to the implemented programs, those crystals are to emerge at the right times in the course of the spiritual evolution of civilization on Earth, being drawn to people trained to tune their vibration with the crystals’ vibration.

At the same time, the Atlanteans wise who managed to survive the cataclysm which led to the sinking of the now lost continent, have spread their knowledge in Egypt, South America, Tibet.

Persian mythology maintains the world sits on a giant sapphire, to which the blue color of the sky is owed. In the days of old, emeralds were deemed blind serpents, which is why they were often assigned medical properties. Rubies were a symbol of power, but of love too in the Middle Ages, which is why medieval ladies would present to their knights trophies of precious stones. However, plenty of gems were considered to feature malefic attributes, such as the diamond which is said to bring trouble to the one who wear them, and the black obsidian which influences the negative tendencies inside us, enabling their emergence. Certain stones were attributed to each month or to each zodiacal sign.

This habit of assigning a precious of semi-precious stone to each month is originated in the 1st century, from the 12 stones on Aaron’s bodice (Aaron being the High Priest of Israel), described, for that matter, in the very Bible (Exodus 28, 15-30: "You shall weave a web of stones in it (in the bodice), that is, four rows of stones. The first row: one sardonyx, one topaz and one emerald; the second row: one ruby, one sapphire and one diamond; the third row: one opal, one agate, one amethyst; the fourth row: one chrysolite, one onyx and one jasper.").

Gradually, the information and, generally, the knowledge about the science of crystals are forgotten. They reemerge in the Middle Ages, in the legends about King Arthur and wizard Merlin. According to tradition, Arthur’s famed sword, Excalibur, rendered its master invincible due to the fact it was embedded with an extraordinarily powerful two-tip crystal. As far as Merlin was concerned, there are notes on his art of mastering the crystal spheres’ energy and on the use of crystal wands.

A little later in time, Michel de Nostradamus and Paracelsus are mentioned as users of crystals. Nostradamus is said to have kept his crystal sphere on a copper tripod, activating it by means of an Atlantean wand.

The habit of wearing such characteristic stones became popular only as from the 18th century, beginning in Poland from where it spread in Europe and then in the entire world.

In the collective memory of the old continent, the wand has remained an indispensable tool of illusionists, only not as original, but as copy (white at the two ends – where the old crystals were placed – and black in the middle, a color very much contrasting to the color of crystals), whereas the crystal sphere is deemed an instrument absolutely necessary to “fortune tellers”. In the Far East, the old astrological treaties written in Sanskrit (we mention here the famous treaty Brihat Jataka, dating back to about 400 BC) offered esoteric details referring to the description, properties and energetic use of precious stones and crystals.

Other ancient cultures are famed for their use of crystals as amulets and talismans. The ancient Roman and Greek writings are replete with references to talismans based on stones meant to maintain health, to offer subtle protection and attract sundry virtues (extra sensorial abilities included).
In the course of history, crystals and precious stones have been associated to the blue blood of noble descendants, being encrusted in the crowns of kings, thrones, swords, etc. Amerindian peoples, the Mayans in particular, but Mexicans too, used huge quartz crystals in order to “see” in space and time, or to seek guidance for their mystical trance sessions.

Precious stones feature extraordinary virtues. Their major inconvenience is the price which, unfortunately, does not give everyone the opportunity to adapt the beneficial stone to their needs.
For instance, diamonds or opals are characteristic to Libra natives; amethysts, rubies and diamonds are attributed to Aries; white onyxes to Capricorns. This stones, worn in jewels on one’s hand, or around the neck, as close as possible to the solar plexus, can awaken, stimulate or attract positive energies to the corresponding natives. 

Large size quartz stone, duly purified, permanently worn around the neck in a pouch made of natural textile fiber, or a crystal able to protect the home, located in a clean place (which can be established according to the old Chinese art called Feng Shui), where foreigners’ hands cannot reach, can charge their owners with positive energy.
Crystals concentrate not only surprising energies, both positive and negative, but also an entire mineral history now meant to offer to the person who trusts their powers that shred of eternity mineral hide inside.
Stones, crystals, minerals can be used for their healing, protective, energizing, magical effects, but before you get to feel their impact on you, crystals must be purified.