AgateAppearance: Irregular cubic shape, brownish with fine greyish stripes, translucent, glassy, smooth
Chemical composition: Silica dioxide (quartz)
Classification: Variety of quartz. There are several types of agate: moss agate, tree agate, fire agate, petrified wood. Below there are details about the main varieties of agate.
Colors: It features wonderful patterns, variably colored, striped, due to the microscopic crystals formed in colored deposits and solutions rich in silica, filtered through stones’ pores
Note:  Sometimes it can be mistaken for onyx or jasper
Metaphysical features and effects on health:
• Balances the yin-yang energies, stabilizes the aura 
• Opens the access to the inner talents of each one of us
• Reduces anxiety, stress, sufferance, the feeling of loneliness
• Brings longevity
• Enables the decision making process
• Increases courage, physical and psychic endurance, clarity of thought, ability to focus, good will
• Helps children overcome fear and walk faster
• When placed under the pillow, it eliminated insomnia and offers a state of deep rest
• Resonance with the secret energies of synchronicity
• Helps at overcoming fear and inhibitions
• Calms down when under stress
• Enhances fertility
• Great curative qualities
• Beneficial effects on bone marrow and in cases of allergies
Astrological correspondences:
• Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius
• Scorpion (Botswana agate)
• Sagittarius (fire agate)
• Pisces (blue agate)
• Ayurvedic stone of the month of May
• Mystical stone of the month of September
• Gemini’s and cancer’s lucky talisman
• Governing planets: Mercury, Jupiter, Venus
• Corresponds to number 7 (people born on the 7th, 16th, 25th of the month)
• Corresponds to the year of the Dragon in the Chinese horoscope

• Brings courage, longevity, power, protection
• Protects against insects’ bites
• Curative effects on blood
• Brings peace

• Brings courage and success in competitions

• Protects against dangers

• Material prosperity

• General health, physical and psychic sturdiness

Appearance: Agate in green hues, with slight glitters similar to the tree moss
Metaphysical features:
• Stimulates logical-discursive thinking
• Preserves focus
• Brings superior love
• Enriches imagination
• Brings inspiration
• Offers maturity
• Talisman for the house or earth planets
• Talisman for richness, happiness and long life
• Increases self-respect
• Enables emotional balance
• Attracts prosperity, success, abundance, friendliness, harmony, happiness, beauty, communicativeness
• Establishes harmony with nature
Effects on health:
• Stimulates blood activity, digestion, excretion and elimination of toxins, brain activity, lung and respiratory activity
• Beneficial to digestion, throat, skin, thymus, blood vessels, infections
• Decreases apathy
• Beneficial effects on chest and heart-related conditions, or in cases of inflammations
• Recommendable to diabetics, people affected by autism, epilepsy, hypoglycemia or to people with personality disorders
• Offers longevity
Astrological correspondences:
• Cancer, Virgo
• Corresponds to number 1 (people born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of the month)
• Element: air
Chakras: Anahata, Vishuddha

Appearance: Agate in pink hues
Metaphysical features:
• Strong protective role
• Beneficial effects on fertility, sexuality
• Helps the artistic expression, enables the emergence of hidden talents
• Increases emotional comfort
• Offers creativity
• Eliminates stress and depression
• Catalyzes the decision making process
• Stimulates the ability to focus
• Balances, harmonizes and stabilizes the energetic aura
• Helps at understanding the past lives and personal karma
• Helps at alleviating children’s slight disorders
Effects on health:
• Helps at eliminating toxins from the body
• Removes tress
• Oxygenates blood
• Balances the nervous system
Astrological correspondences:
• Scorpio
• Corresponds to number 3 (people born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th of the month)
Chakras: Sahasrara Padma

Appearance: Agate in blue and violet hues patterned in parallel stripes
Metaphysical features:
• Catalyzer of spiritual opening state
• Offers divine inspiration
• Generates an effect of calmness and soothing
• Offers peace, harmony, unity, hope, ease of expression
• Effect of purification and relaxation
• Speeds up certain deferred situations
• Brings optimism, joy
• Brings spontaneity and promptitude (recommendable to people who are usually late at meetings or to those who do not manage to accomplish their tasks in due time)
• Helps at public communication (on the stage, in front of the public or in direct contact with the public)
Effects on health:
• Eliminates headaches, tension, fury, infections, inflammations, fever, stress, arthritic pains
• Eliminates bad habits
• Balances the activity of thyroid, nerves, pancreas, eyes
• Stimulates digestion
• Bone and nail strengthening effect
Astrological correspondences:
• Pisces
• Corresponds to number 5 (people born on the 5th, 15th, 23rd of the month)
• Element: earth
Chakras: Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna, Sahasrara Padma

• Strong protective role
• Boosts up attention
• Increases the organism’s vitality
• Eliminates fear
• Exponentially amplifies the beneficial humane aspects of the being
• Enhances enthusiasm
• Helps at self-expression
• Beneficial effects in case of eye problems
• Recommended to the shy
Astrological correspondences:
• Sagittarius
Chakras: Energizes the solar plexus (Manipura)