The Bach floral remedies

Course of “Bach Floral Remedies”

Certified by the Dr. Edward Bach Foundation, Bach International Education Program
Date: to be established
Location: Galati
Organizer: Dr. Edward Bach Foundation

Theme: by participating to level 1, you have the opportunity to train on a basis of information in the field of the Bach therapy and to understand several aspects of your own personality. Level 1 is opened to the large public and it is intended to those who want to learn how to use the Bach floral remedies. Level 1 comprises:
• presentation of the 38 Bach remedies,
• information and applications of Rescue Remedy and Rescue Cream,
• practical examples of using the floral remedies,
• applications: pregnancy, birth, addictions, teenagers, children,
• life and philosophy of Dr. Edward Bach (film and presentation),
• manner of preparation: the sun method and the boiling method
• manner of action, the principle of onion layers
• administration of remedies for personal use, friends and family,
• administration of remedies for plants and animals.
The course is interactive, using creative working methods for the rapid assimilation of information. Each participant will have the opportunity to personally experience the action of the remedies and will receive course

The intensive course last 2 days, between 9.30am and 5pm.

Trainer: Claudia Cabat, psychologist,International Registered Practitioner, the first Romanian specialist trained by Dr. Edward Bach Foundation, author of the book “Floral remedies. A medicine of the soul”.As from January 2003, she is a practitioner of the Bach floral therapy, accredited by the Dr. Edward Bach Foundation of Great Britain; as from February 2007, she is Bach Trainer accredited for Level 1; as from July 2009, Bach Trainer Level 2; and as from October 2012, Bach Trainer Level 3.

Certification: this course is part of the Bach International Education Program. By grace of Nelsonbach, the organization at level 1 was possible, complying with the same standards, in 30 countries, Romania included. The course completes with a certificate (Certificate of Attendance) issue by the Bach Center, which is equally valid anywhere in the world.

Participation fee: 550 RON.

The work is organized on small groups of attendants, so each participant can fully benefit from attention and space of expression. In fie of reserving a spot, you need to pay an advance of at least 150 lei (or the entire amount) in a bank account, the difference being paid at the course. Given the number of places is limited, the reservation is made according to the order to the advance payment. For registration and details on the account number, send an email or visit

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