Course of “Global Postural Reeducation”

Date: to be established
Address: Galati
Coordinators: GPR kinesiotherapist Burileanu Horia Alin, representative of the Italian Association of Global Postural Reeducation

Objectives of the course
1. Listing the anatomic elements involved in the mobility and stability of the spine, as well as the elements which determine the muscular chain retraction;
2. Description of spinal joint biomechanics;
3. Description of notions of inflammatory and degenerative pathologies of the previously mentioned joints;
4. Defining the indications and contraindications in the approach of patients exhibiting inflammatory and degenerative disorders of the spine, according to their stages;
5. Demonstration of the techniques of functional evaluation of spinal joints and of the specific tests, as well as listing of the objectives of postural reeducation programs;
6. Execution of the specific reeducation techniques, in a customized manner, according to the stage of the disorder and to the established objectives;
7. Description of the methodology of elaborating reeducation programs and demonstrating a program of this kind;
8. Demonstration of the ability to adapt displayed by the kinesiotherapist according to each patient’s personality, in order to meet the requirements imposed by the associated specific pathology;
9. Demonstration of the support attitude to the patient’s disability, limitation of activity and restriction to participate, by the full use of their outstanding abilities.

Content of theoretic course (6 hours):
1. Anatomy, physiology and physiopathology of the spine – 1 hour
2. Pathology of the spine - 2 hours;
3. Specific evaluation tests – 2 hours;
4. Global postural reeducation treatment – 1 hour.

Content of practical works (12 hours):
1. Specific examination and evaluation techniques – 3 hours;
2. Global postural reeducation, approaching the patient globally – 3 hours;
3. Individually customized global postural reeducation, approaching spinal deficiencies – 3 hours;
4. Individually customized global postural reeducation, approaching upper and lower limb deficiencies - 3 hours.

Requirements for course participants:
- obligatory apparel: training suit, slippers, t-shirt,
- soap, personal towel, disinfectant solution,
- no bracelets, no necklaces, no rings, no watches; trimmed nails,
- no tegumental lesions.

Evaluation of course participants:
- multiple choice test (from the theoretical courses);
- evaluation and setting up a therapeutic plan (on a patient case); technical test: conceiving the global postural reeducation program according to diagnosis.

Training methods and techniques used in carrying out the program activities
The theoretical lectures represent a third of the hours allotted to the course (6 hours), the rest of two thirds (12 hours) being represented by demonstrations and practical works.
The course participants have executed the therapy in pairs, under the permanent supervision of lecturers. The suggested training methods and techniques have been adequate in order to ensure the assimilation of elaboration techniques of recovery programs, as well as the selection of the therapeutic manner to be approached according to pathology.
The auxiliary materials offered to course participants were necessary in order to ensure the correct assimilation of the technique of executing global postural reeducation.

Evaluation of the educational event
During the practical works, the way course participants have assimilated the reeducation techniques were followed, errors in patient positioning, therapy approach and application of grips and techniques being corrected.

Evaluation of participants at the ends of the program
At the end of the program, course participants underwent an exam consisting of:
- combined test (multiple choice and questions);
- practical test, through which the ability to conceive reeducation programs according to disorder stages was rated.
The acceptable level of performance was the given by grades between 8 and 10, the limit grade being 8.

Course support
Each practical lesson was accompanied by schemes and images of the spinal joints, as well as of the positions of executing the evaluation and reeducation techniques. The theoretical lessons of anatomy, biomechanics and pathology were also accompanied by pictures and illustrations, thus offering an ideal support for memorizing.

Course program 
1. Anatomy, physiology and physiopathology of the spine – 1 hour
2. Pathology of the spine: vertebral compression syndrome - 2 hours;
3. Specific evaluation tests – 2 hours;
4. Specific individually customized treatment  – 1 hour;
5. Specific examination and evaluation techniques – 3 hours;
6. Individually adapted global postural reeducation, approaching postural deficiencies – 3 hours;
7. Individually adapted kinetotherapy, approaching spinal pathology – 3 hours;
8. Individually adapted kinetotherapy, approachinglower and upper limb postural pathology – 3 hours.

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