Intimate Gymnastics

Intimate Gymnastics – Details on the Course

Date: 5 - 6 october 2013
Address: Galati

Level 1
Duration: 6 – 8 hours
Price: 240 lei
Because most of the intimate events are hidden, we believe we can diminish or ignore them without consequences. They do not occur fortuitously, out of the blue; we are the ones which cause them and it is us who can find solution. Overcoming them is easy if we understand their origin and signification. It’s only up to us.
nutrition; pregnancy, birth, cesarean, epidural, postpartum, nursing; flashes, vaginal dryness (aridity), menopause; sports; tight strings; inguinal, perineal circulation; menstruation, problems, menstrual pains, extended
menstruations, amenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome, cycle imbalances; perineal tonus, vaginal troficity, weakening of vaginal muscles; hemorrhoids; urinary and fecal incontinence; uterus prolapse, bladder prolapse cystocele), rectal prolapse (rectocele); gynecological, urological, proctologic surgeries; post-surgery intimate recovery; vaginal and perineal varicosity; urinary leakage during sleep; frequent urination; constipation; etc.

Level 2
Duration: 4 – 6hours
Price: 160 lei
In our lives as women, frequent problems occur “down there”. They can be of emotional of physical nature, and because there are no school courses on how to be a happy women, we often have no idea why they occurs, what fuels them and what is their message. I have conceived this part of the course starting from the same questions and dilemmas you, most likely, have too. Questions concerning out own intimate health, our own sexual life, our expectations as women.
- intimate hygiene and education: conception – contraception; tanga – boxers shorts; vaginal irrigation
- self - knowledge: the moments which have contributed to the delineation and development of feminine identity (the joy of one’s own body at age 2-3; puberty; first menstruation; first intercourse);
- sexual life: intimacy; intimacy in two; attraction–phantasies/reality - libido; masturbation; subconscious fears - vaginismus; fast sex; daily erotica; keeping the fire burning; clitoris muscles; erogenous areas; orgasms – absence of orgasms; organic orgasmic ability; psychic orgasmic ability; the G point; intimate evolution; male sexuality; hormonal games; vaginal dryness;
- psychosomatics of female conditions: deep physical and emotional needs, messages of the body, causes which can enable the onset of imbalances in our intimate lives and organ health;
- dynamics of feminine identity: the eternal feminine roles: daughter, lover, wife, mother, grandmother

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