About us

BodySpiritMind - YumeihoBody Spirit Mind is a concept which, by its own denomination, speaks about the content and the purpose of our undergoing projects. It was conceived on the initiative of a team willing to promote a set of alternative systems and procedures in view of satisfying patients’ therapeutic needs and the appetite for knowledge of students drawn to the idea of expanding their horizon of notions and practices applicable in alleviating and treating sundry ailments.

The essential feature of the Body Spirit Mind project does not concern exclusively the submission and the application of new therapeutic approaches, other than the ones professed by mainstream medicine. Its uniqueness resides in the fact that, though it suggests a holistic system of practices which complement each other, it gives patients and students the possibility to choose, in a selective manner, the therapy they are most opened to.

In other words, within the frame of Body Spirit Mind we work observing free will: may it be the exotic Yumeiho, the spectacular leech therapy or the intriguing crystal therapy, or, for that matter, other forms of approaching pathologies and alleviating those aspects which bear on physical and psychic welfare, both the patient and the student have the opportunity to choose.

Courses are held by authorized instructors, within a frame in which the passion for the chosen therapy is reflected both in the professionalism of with which knowledge is transmitted and in the attention each student receives from their trainer in view of becoming a thorough practitioner of the preferred method. At the same time, we preserve the perspective of multi-disciplinarity: since it is an integrative project, Body Spirit Mind encourages students to explore more than one field of therapy.

The expansion of the knowledge horizon is made, on the one hand, by rehabilitating and employing certain ancient techniques also practiced within the Carpathian-Danubian-Pontic space, but buried by history under the pressure of the constant innovations of allopathic medicine and, on the other hand, by  importing and presenting certain methods specific of foreign cultures, in particular of eastern cultures. We speak here of equally spectacular and efficient therapies. Of therapies which, when integrated into a single project, aim at restoring the balance of the human being – in its fundamental body, mind and spirit unity – precisely because this project considers the human being as a compact structure in which the three axes intertwine.